Kevin Flint

Art. Design. Really Neat Things.

The Loft Project aka Dystopian Studios began in 2004 when I rented a 1500 square foot split level artist loft at the Brewery Arts Complex.

In previous apartment residences, I’d often done extensive redesign and building to make each space uniquely my own. But the limitations of an apartment hindered any full realization of my ideas. And it tended to prevent ever getting a security deposit back. My new space was basically a blank canvas, and it spurred me in rather unfettered directions.

The first incarnation (Version 1.0 2004-2007) was far beyond anything I’d done before in an apartment, but still showed compromise. So in 2008 I made some major changes, reinventing the space in many new ways. This incarnation (Version 2.0 2007-2016) was focused on hosting events and parties in the space, and the design reflected that. After some big changes in my life around 2016, I started again (Version 3.0 2016-2021) which focused on creating an immersive living environment in which I basically inhabited a giant piece of my own art.

It is now 2022, and I’m thinking it is time for Version 4.0….

Eventually I plan to organize the below jumble of loft photos past and present into a more cohesive structure. Eventually.