Kevin Flint

Art. Design. Really Neat Things.


Artist Statement:

Kevin Flint was recently called a polymath, but immediately disqualified himself from being one when he had to look it up in a dictionary. He is a painter, business exec, sculptor, salesman, designer, collaborationist, political scientist, comic book artist, pyromaniac, amateur physicist, outdoorsman, underground nightclub owner, photographer, elected politician, builder, tinkerer, failed athlete, successful loafer, marketer, historian, US Marine, art director, failed PhD candidate, bartender, deviant, writer, manager, performer, limericist, international trade consultant, marketer, restaurateur, psychologist, pornographer, jack-of-all-trades, film maker, published journalist, aspiring cult leader and can field strip an assault rifle blind-folded. In the 80’s, he was a pretty good Centipede player.

On the liability side, he cannot keep house plants alive, is emotionally unavailable, and is an amazingly poor singer.

He also has a serious fetish for writing bios about himself in the 3rd person. The past 3 minutes of typing got him very excited.

Finally, he is a firm believer that working together, people can engineer the greatest successes, or orchestrate the most spectacular failures.
He finds both end results amusing.



Born: Oakland, California. 

School: UC Santa Barbara.

Residence: Los Angeles, CA


Bones broken: 22

Stitches: 100+

Burns: 30% of body

Lessons learned from the above: None (except maybe don’t go to the Barstow ER after blowing yourself up)


Art medium: Paint, steel, wood, photo, digital, fire, explosives, beverage dispensors, loft, found objects (mostly found at Home Depot)



phone: 310.503.2365
Mailing Address: 670 Moulton Ave #9, Los Angeles, CA 90031